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Hi! Looks like you found me. I am actively looking for Full-time opportunities in the Robotics Industry. A little about me down below.

I may not be the next Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sundar Pichai, etc but I am Sambuddha, not a stereotypical fascimile of an already successful public figure, I am me!
Well, what makes me desirable to your company? I am not a straight A student, never been one. I am not a genius or a prodigy, I am not overtly smart. Oh my, I seem to have already dissuaded you from hiring me with my introduction, just bear with me a bit.
So, if I have none of the qualities stated above, what do I have? Well, I have had to work hard for everything that I did, from teaching myself to code, learning about different branches of sciences to thinking big (not just for myself, but for the society as a whole). I know the value of persistence, perseverance, grit and tenacity. When I put my mind to something, I do it, I don't rest until I get it done (not so healthy, but meh..).
I am just a regular joe, I have seen the world from a set eyes much different than that of a genius who gets things done in a jiffy. I know when to give up on something, and when to push forward (and I don't give up easily). I have learned to understand what goes behind building something from the ground up, failing, recovering, reiterating, but never giving up because I am beaten.
I am passionate about changing the world for better, I envision a world where everyone enjoys a comfortable and safe living environment and that is what drives me, working for those who are oppressed or ignored by society. I strongly believe that constantly improving myself and acquiring new skills is the way I can address the issues of the society to the best of my abilities. Voila! There it is, hire me so that I can make myself better while having a direct impact on the world by having the opportunity to work at your company.

To summarize my current state of mind:

I am passionate about solving problems with simplicity & elegance. I look forward to building and designing systems which extend & augment human ability.

One of my key objectives is to gain insights in the system design aspect of the Robotics industry while benefitting from the ongoing research and technological endeavors undertaken by your company.

If you think my skills fit your needs, click on the button down below to reach me. If not convinced yet, then you can have a look at my work and decide!




Arduino IDE



Atmel Studio

Keil μVision IDE


Aerotech:A3200 Motion Composer

ABB Robot Studio







Eagle CAD

Blender 3D



Non-linear controls
Bio-inspired Locomotion
Assistive Technologies
Machine Learning

Wearable Technology
3D Modelling & Simulation
Computer Vision

Camera Calibration
3D Reconstruction
Localization & Mapping
Systems Engineering


Carnegie Mellon University

VIT University

Riga Technical University

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
Master of Science in Robotic Systems Development(MRSD)
GPA: 3.62/4.00
August 2016 - December 2017

VIT University, Vellore, IN
Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(EEE) - ABET accredited
CGPA: 9.28/10        Rank: 13/239 (95 Percentile)
July 2012 - July 2016

Riga Technical University, Riga, LV
Erasmus+ KA1 Scholar at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications
Sponsored by: European Commision
Grade: A
An EU(European Commission) sponsored student exchange program. Completed Bachelor’s Thesis on Bio-inspired Walking, at RTU.
March 2016 - July 2016



Applied Machine Learning
Statistical Techniques in Robotics
Computer Vision
Geometric Based Methods in CV
Robot Autonomy
Biomechanics & Motor Control
Manipulation, Mobility & Control
Systems Engineering


Robotics & Automation
Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
Machine Learning
Micro-controllers and Application
Embedded Systems
Engineering Optimization


Oculus VR

Oculus VR

Johnson Controls

Proto Innovations, Pittsburgh, USA
Intern and Researcher: Applied Machine Learning Engineer & Co-Systems Engineer
Machine Learning based Slip Estimation on NASA Planetary Rover:
Real-time Slip Estimation on NASA Planetary rovers using various Supervised Machine Learning Models deployed using ROS..
May 2017 - December 2017
Project Documentation - Work Summary
Project Documentation - Final Summary

Oculus VR, Research, Pittsburgh, USA
Co-op Intern Automation & Control Engineer, 3D Artist, Calibration Engineer
Multi-Sensor Calibration (Camera Calibration):
Autonomous and high-speed online calibration of multiple cameras for 3D reconstruction.
August 2016 - May 2017
Project Website

Johnson Controls, Pune, IN
Summer Intern: Automation & Control Engineer, Electrical Engineer
Building Managment Systems:
Part of EDART (proprietary report tool) Team. Learned about the fundamental architecture of BMS networked controllers, networked sensors and HVAC/R designs . Studied communication protocols and network topologies used in the field.
May 2014 - July 2014




DANI - Robotic Hand
Electrical Engineer , Control Engineer & Mechanical Designer
Dextrous, Anthropomorphic and Intelligent (DANI), a 3 fingered robotic hand with adaptive grasping.


Data Acquisition System(DAQ)
Team Kshatriya (BAJA SAE INDIA)
Circuit & Sensor Designer, Electrical Engineer

Modelled, designed, tested and implemented a on-board DAQ system to map gear ratios of the ATV’s CVT in real time.


Fuel Level and Quality sensor
Department of Science & Technology, IN
Electrical Engineer, Sensing Engineer & Independent Researcher.

Capacitance based fuel level sensor with real-time fuel quality testing, anti-slosh and error reducing algorithm.


Oculus Research Pittsburgh
Project Manager(Fall 2016)
MRSD Capstone project.

IEEE – Electron Devices Society
Graphic Designer, Electronics Engineer
VIT University Student Chapter.

Flying INC.
SAE Aero Design – East
Technical Division, Electrical Department

Collegiate Design Team – building fixed wing aircrafts.

Team Kshatriya
Technical Division, Electrical Dept. & Graphic Designer

Collegiate Design Team – building All Terrain Vehicles (ATV).


Makeathon 2014
Team Wi-Pi
Electrical Engineer & Product Designer

Wi-Pi, a portable and efficient RasPi based voice assistant with special modules that can help blind people get access to news and other media.

Prototype 2014
Team Pineapple
Project Leader, Electrical Engineer

Nixie Proto, an ATmega32 based portable array of sensors that can test for water quality, including bacterial contamination by utilising Impedance Spectroscopy and a Neural Network based classifier.

Jugaaad-a-thon 2015
Team Aceso
Project Leader, Electrical Engineer

Early detection of Maternal Sepsis: Designed and built a smart belt which could monitor all the vital parameters of a pregnant mother and if the threshold was violated then an alarm would be raised. (ECG monitoring : Heart rate and B.P., Body Temperature).


Robotic Sonic Drilling using Multi Armed Bandits as Drill
OCR using Deep Networks
3D Face Tracking & Land Mark Detection
Optical Flow (Inverse Lucas Kanade)

Image feature detection(BRIEF - RANSAC)
Scene Classification(Spatial Pyramid Matching)
Bazooka(Spud Cannon)
Grid Follower Bot

Maze Solving Robot
SAE Aero Design East
Musical Instrument Recognition(LVQ–Clustering-ANN)
Stun Gun